[vpn-devel] Porting VPN Client to Windows RT

Alexander Mamaev mamaich at live.ru
Thu Mar 28 21:36:04 CDT 2013

Can you port your VPN client to Windows RT? It is a normal Windows 8 that was designed to be run on ARM CPUs, with all obsolete stuff removed (for example all legacy NDIS API), and has some other limitations - for example you need a "jailbreak" to be able to load unsigned drivers.
I assume that you don't have the Windows 8 ARM WDK, bit I can explain how to compile your existing driver for ARM having the Visual Studio 2012 with public Win8 WDK and community-made kernel libraries.I see that your driver uses NDIS 6.0 API. Minimal NDIS version provided by Windows RT is 6.30, so minor updates in your code may be needed. 		 	   		  
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