[Vpn-help] New Alpha Build and Website Downtime ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Thu Oct 5 16:41:45 CDT 2006


	I just uploaded a new 2.0 Alpha build. The 2.x code base is rapidly 
nearing beta quality and the todo list has dwindled down to just a few 
items. I also made one major modification to the road map. After some 
thought, I decided that moving the IPSEC processing code into the kernel 
could wait until the 3.x time frame. This will be a huge task in itself 
and I think the kernel framework for 2.x is sufficient to meet all the 
required near term goals. This also helps us down the path to certified 
drivers in a much shorter time frame.


	In other news, the Shrew Soft web site and email system is scheduled to 
be down most of Saturday afternoon. We will be moving it from the 
current data center in Panama to a data center in Toronto. I don't 
foresee any complications but wanted to notify the list that there is a 
possibility for a more prolonged downtime.



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