[Vpn-help] [Fwd: Build that could use some testing ...]

Hubert Nobel hubertnobel at gmx.de
Thu Sep 14 13:30:29 CDT 2006

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> r629 | mgrooms | 2006-09-14 10:46:26 +0000 (Thu, 14 Sep 2006) | 1 line
> Correct a typo where ipsecc was not evaluated the ipseci return value
> properly when setting a local identifier.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

> http://www.shrew.net/vpn/vpn-client-1.1-beta-4.exe

> Please try again. Sorry for the fuss.

Hi Matthew,

the fixed typo does the job.

And the client is working like a charm now when I choose to use
automatically assigned ip-address/netmask.

What's about the wish to implement IPComp for Phase2 Proposal ESP+IPComp but
only with LZS Lempel-Ziv Compression if possible when there is no licence
violation. Deflate is to bad and uses nearly all cpu-power


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