[Vpn-help] VPN Client 2.0 Alpha ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Tue Sep 19 22:09:17 CDT 2006


	So here it is, a client using the new kernel driver model. A few words 
of warning. Although this build behaved very well in all my recent 
rounds of testing, it contains a new driver that could very well cause 
you a world of grief. If you encounter an unrecoverable system error, 
you _should_ be able to boot into safe mode and remove the filter 
service and return to normality. As the new driver is unsigned, it may 
prompt you several times ( one or more per adapter binding ) to 
acknowledge that you are installing an non WHQL certified binary.

	This build corrects all spurious ICMP messages generated by the TCP/IP 
stack seen when using the 1.x version of the client. It also provides 
support for direct adapter mode which allows to use an existing adapter 
as both the public and private endpoint for more traditional 
road-warrior style connectivity. This mode of operation was requested by 
several people. Note, there are limitations to what name service 
parameters can be configured when using direct mode. The change log has 
a wealth of information regarding this issue. I should also mention that 
the documentation has yet to been updated.

	At the moment, a link for this download will not be posted on the main 
download page. If I hear some favorable feedback regarding the clients 
stability, I may add a link in the future. Comments and of course bug 
reports are welcome.




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