[Vpn-help] Build that could use some testing ...

Peter Eisch peter at boku.net
Thu Sep 14 22:27:34 CDT 2006

This works quite nicely (RSASIG).  The password window looks a little goofy
and doesn't show the cert name (needs a basename(path)).  In my case, it
just started with: \Document...

The other auth methods seem like water torture for users, but I understand
you aversion to storing passwords at this point.  Nevertheless, I'll try the
other methods in about 40 mins...

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Peter Eisch wrote:
> No problem.  I can jump on the p12 stuff whenever it's ready.


There are some limitations. The p12 file ...

1) must only have 1 private key and cert pair.
2) must have only one ca cert.

... In other words, only put in what you need. Encrypted files should work



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