[Vpn-help] Linksys BEFVP41

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sat Sep 8 16:01:02 CDT 2007

Arnim Sommer wrote:
> I have difficulties connecting to a Linksys BEFVP41 with the Shrew Soft VPN
> Client for Windows. Does someone have experiences with this combination and
> can give me a hint?


Thanks for trying out the client. I don't see any reason why it would be 
unable to work.

Doing a quick google search, I found this page ...


... which shows a Linksys setup used to support VPN Client connectivity. 
The Shrew Soft client will need to use the direct adapter mode which is 
"use an existing adapter and current address" on the General tab of the 
VPN Site configuration.

A manual policy will also need to be configured. For example, the sample 
configuration provided in the web link I mentioned defines the network 
protected by the Linksys device as You would need to 
define this in the policy tab of your Site Configuration by adding an 
'include' network of / to get things working.

Both the Linksys and Shrew Soft Client have debug log output facilities 
that could be very valuable in resolving any issues you may encounter. 
Please send any more specific questions to the vpn-help list and we will 
do what we can to help you out. If you would like to forward debug 
output that may contain sensitive information, feel free to send this 
directly to me in a separate email so it doesn't end up in the public 



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