[Vpn-help] network shares && smbclient -L - connection refused

mgrooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sun Apr 6 02:30:23 CDT 2008

On Fri, 04 Apr 2008 21:58:55 +0200, Stefan Bauer <stefan.bauer at plzk.de>
> dear users,
> i discovered a strange behavior with shrewsoft vpn client and windows
> file && printer shares.
> the directories and printers shared by windows hosts can not be used
> correctly. if i use smbclient -L \\ip-address-of-windows-host from a
> client, within the lan i want to access, i directly get a connection
> refused.

What version and platform are you running the Shrew Soft VPN Client on? I
assume from the smbclient reference, you are using Linux or BSD.

> in my first setup i used the lancom vpn client connected to our
> vpn-gateway whereby i can access the shares and printers without

So in your first setup you used a Lancom client ( Windows? ) and in the
second setup you used Shrew Soft on *nix?

> any ideas to work this problem out? it must have something to do with
> the shrew client.

Assuming you are using the Virtual Adapter mode, have you tried lowering
the interface MTU to 1300 or so?



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