[Vpn-help] was network shares && smbclient -L connection refused

mgrooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Fri Apr 11 06:50:35 CDT 2008

On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 09:07:13 +0200, Stefan Bauer <stefan.bauer at plzk.de>
> Sorry for creating another thread but i was not able to answer to the
> old one:
> I setup a telnet daemon on the client machine which works perfect. the
> CIFS share still not. The VPN gateway is a lancom 1711+


Do both the unix server and the assigned client address exist in the same
broadcast domain? I ask because in the following output ...

praxisserver:~ # smbclient -L \\
added interface ip= bcast=
error connecting to (Connection refused)
Error connecting to (Connection refused)
Connection to failed
praxisserver:~ #

... it says "added interface ip= bcast=" on the
unix command line output. A typical IPsec configuration would hand out
client addresses from a separate range of addresses from the one used on
the private network. This is to provide a layer 3 boundary at the VPN
gateway so that all traffic that passes through IPsec becomes unicast. The
client purposefully blocks all layer 2 broadcast traffic ( with the
destination layer 2 address being a wildcard address ) to avoid wasting
precious WAN bandwidth on packets that should not be transmitted ( like
netbios broadcast traffic ).



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