[Vpn-help] VPN disabled until i reopen the network settings again

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Feb 6 02:26:45 CST 2008

Stefan Bauer wrote:
>> That is really bizarre :/  I assume you only need to do this 
>> once after the
>> initial installation and then everything works as expected?
> Hi,
> no, the problem still persists after a reboot. i have to do this each
> time. if i move back to the stable branch it works out of the box.


My guess is that one of the alpha install builds had a bug that is 
causing you problems. Please try the following and let me know if it 
resolves the problem for you ...

1) Uninstall the client
2) Remove the filter service if present in your network properties
3) Perform a file search for vfilter.sys and remove any copies
4) Reboot the system
5) Install the latest alpha 6 version



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