[Vpn-help] Fortigate Commercial IPSec Gateway

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Feb 6 15:12:09 CST 2008

Noach Sumner wrote:
> Matthew, this was working wonderfully (okay the occasional hiccup but 
> realtively well) until today when we upgraded the firmware on our 
> Fortinet to MR6. At this point I can no longer connect. Could you 
> possible take a look again:-(


You can't connect or it doesn't pass traffic after you connect? If its 
the latter, I had a similar issue when I upgraded my 50a. I know it 
sounds really strange, but did you power off your unit afterwards? In my 
case, I kept getting checksum errors on the inner IP header when doing 
console level debug logging of the traffic. I upgraded and downgraded 
several times and finally unplugged it and let it set for a while. After 
plugging it back in, it started working again. Strange but true story I 
know :/ My guess is that there was some hardware reset that only issues 
at power-up but not during a reset. Of course, I know absolutely nothing 
of electronics.

Do you have any other IPsec traffic passing through the box? What error 
messages do you get in the log output?



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