[Vpn-help] Windows IKE Service needs restart sometimes

mgrooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sun Mar 9 21:26:33 CDT 2008

On Sun, 09 Mar 2008 13:24:29 +0100, "Markus Stockhausen"
<markus.stockhausen at collogia.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> in my excessive tests the last days with Shrew Client in
> Windows I got aware that I quite often had to restart the
> services because all of a sudden a simple ping could
> no longer pass the tunnel although the connection had been
> established successfully.
> The error is not critical at all but it is reproducable
> and I hope someone can confirm the behaviour. You simply
> have to connect to your VPN Gateway, ping a computer
> through the tunnel and disconnect afterwards. When you
> have repeated this about 4 to 10 times the ping fails and
> nothing can bring the client back to normal operation
> except a restart of the IKE daemon. With this restart
> everything works fine again.
> Hopefully its not my PC only that shows this behaviour.


Thanks for the bug report. I am out of the country for the next 6 weeks but
will take a look at this when I return. It would be extremely helpful if
you could set the level log output to debug using the VPN Trace
application, restart both the IKE and IPsec services and then perform the
steps it takes to reproduce the issue. After stopping the service, please
send me the two logs in a private email. By examining these we should be
able to find track down the bug and get it fixed for the 2.1.0 release.



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