[Vpn-help] IPSec over TCP?

Robert badbob at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 09:43:00 CST 2008

Using 2.14/win, I can successfully connect to my company's Cisco vpn
concentrator from the internet, but when I try from within the company's
network, I can't reach connect to anything. I believe I've ruled out a MTU
issue since I've used 'ping -f -l 1272' to establish that a MTU of 1300
results in no fragmentation.

It's not a policy setting issue since it doesn't work with the Shrew VPN
client set to tunnel all.

One guess is that from inside my company's network, there may be other
internal NATs or PATs to the vpn concentrator and that may cause an issue.

In the Cisco client, under the transport tab, there is this option:
(x) IPSec over UDP (NAT / PAT)
( ) IPSec over TCP    TCP Port: 10000

Does the Shew VPN client have something like 'IPSec over TCP'? I'm hoping
that is something that may resolve this issue.

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