[Vpn-help] Only ICMP working

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sat Nov 1 22:15:27 CDT 2008

stijnvdv wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to get shrew vpn working on a Cisco PIX device.
> I can establish a connection and icmp works fine.
> But when i try to establish an ip connection it wont get through.
> I am trying to connect to a remote rdp session tcp/3389
> On the Pix debugging I see syn timeouts when i try to connect --> so my 
> client with the shrew vpn connection dont gets an ack response
> I debugged the rdp server also and I see that it sends ack responses. so 
> the problem relies not on the rdp server.
> the cisco vpn client works properly. so it hasnt anything to do with 
> access rules, ...
> Like I allready said --> icmp is not a problem
> does anyone know why my ip traffic wont get through?
> in the attachment you find the shrun of the pix device


This is usually indicative of a problem where smaller packets are being 
able to reach the gateway but large packets are not for some reason. One 
thing to try is lower the MTU on the virtual adapter. What version of 
the client are you using?



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