[Vpn-help] iked.exe process at 100% cpu?

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Mon Nov 24 23:28:57 CST 2008

Robert wrote:
> I restarted the the iked service before making a vpn connection, but 
> after a few hours, iked pegged the cpu to 100%. Perhaps I need to 
> restart the other services too.


Was this during normal use or did you place the workstation in standby 
or hibernate mode and then bring it back out? I have tried several times 
to reproduce this issue but have been unsuccessful. What type of gateway 
are you connecting to?

If it just happens during normal use, could you please run the client 
with the iked log level set to debug and forward the output to me after 
the client hits a 100% cpu level. If I can isolate the circumstance that 
causes the issue, I should be able to provide a fix.



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