[Vpn-help] Windows client to Linksys and network shares

hIp-HiPpO arthur at emanet.net
Sat Nov 29 23:38:56 CST 2008

| HIP-HiPpO wrote:
| >   The client is running XPSP3 in a natted env in the subnet
| >
| >
| >   The Linksys (RV-082) LAN subnet is
| >
| >   Using group VPN, I can establish the tunnel and pass packets.  I can
| > connect to web servers and ssh servers in the subnet.  I cannot
| > browse the SAMBA server which is configured with WINS.
| >
| >   The address method used by the Shrew client is set to "Use an existing
| > adapter and current address".
| >
| >   When I make a request to a web server or ssh service, the logs show my
| > request sourcing from, the natt'ed IP of the client.
| >
| >   When I set Shrew with a Local Host Address Method of "Use a Virtual
| > Adapter and assigned address", selecting Obtain Automatically, then the
| > tunnel does not fully establish.  If I configure a free address in the
| > subnet, a tunnel becomes enabled, however I cannot pass any
| > packets to the subnet.
| >
| >   Any suggestions?  Thanks
| Yes. If you want to use a virtual adapter and assigned address with a
| gateway that doesn't support modecfg ( ike push/pull ), then you need to
| select a client virtual IP address that doesn't exist in the remote
| network. In other words, don't use a free address from the
| range, try using one from another 10 network like instead.
| Hope this helps,
| -Matthew

Great, now I can "use a virtual adapter with an assigned address".  In this
case, I've set the remote client with an IP of  It's 
interesting that the IP I source from as seen in service logs is  I was assuming that I'd have an IP on the remote subnet.  Can 
the Linksys assign the client an IP in it's LAN subnet, or is that a 
function of modecfg?

I also found that the firewall was blocking Samba.  Sorry for crying wolf on 
that issue.

Yes, thanks for the help,


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