[Vpn-help] Issue connecting to Cisco ASA

John Pittman throne at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 13:44:07 CDT 2009

I'm having an issue connecting to our ASA using the Shrew VPN client.
This is my first experience with the client.

VPN Client Version = 2.2.0 alpha 9
Windows OS Version = Windows 7 32bit RTM (using wireless)
Gateway Make/Model = Cisco ASA5520
Gateway OS Version = 7.1.2

We do have existing VPN configurations on this gateway that work for
both IPsec and SSL access. It appears that I have the client
configured per the documentation, and I do have it looking for the
FQDN of the gateway which is what the gateway presents to the client.
When connecting the client hangs for a bit and then disconnects
without bringing up the tunnel. Attached is the iked.txt and the
capture file.

John Pittman
throne at gmail.com
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