[Vpn-help] 2.2.0-alpha-9 Vista 64 and Checkpoint

Sinclair, Alan [Fugro] a.sinclair at fugro.com
Thu Aug 27 10:15:05 CDT 2009


Just for information, we tried 2.2.0-alpha-9 with a connection to
various CheckPoint FireWall-1 Nokia firewalls.

The settings being used in this latest test successfully make a
connection on a XP client pc where it is possible to access the LAN
behind the firewall from the XP client.

Our previous attempts with 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 beta did not work out in any
satisfactory way to allow testing a connection.

However and positively the alpha-9 version looks close to working in
this pc OS and firewall combination.

The Virtual adaptor gets the correct office mode (assigned) IP address,
DNS and WINS when the connection is made to various firewalls.

The Network connection tab shows no security associations although the
tunnel is connected. We had expected that there should be at least one,
but perhaps this is not necessary.

Traffic from the VPN client PC does not get any reply from systems
behind the firewall. This is when making the connection either with
route all traffic through the gateway or with split tunneling.

A packet capture on the Nokia does not show any traffic coming from the
client PC.

If there is a way to confirm this on the client PC though the ShrewSoft
diagnostic we would be interested to know.

Best Regards 

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