[Vpn-help] Problem connecting to Cisco VPN Concentrator

Brian Guild bguild at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 09:49:19 CDT 2009

I see a bunch of questions regarding Cisco have been answered
recently. Any thoughts on what might be happening here Matt? Thanks,

On 8/7/09, Brian Guild <bguild at gmail.com> wrote:
> Problem:
> The VPN client fails to connect to my gateway. When I click on connect,
> the client application seems to connect briefly, but then immediately
> reports "session terminated by gateway" (full console log below)
> To Reproduce:
> Connect to Cisco VPN.
> VPN Client Version = 2.1.5 RC2
> Windows OS Version = Windows 7 RTM
> Gateway Make/Model = Cisco VPN Concentrator (not ASA)
> Gateway OS Version = ?
> debug.zip [attachment]
> I could not get the decrypted ike dump to work on this OS and/or version of
> Shrew.
> What I see on the console is the following:
> config loaded for site 'Houston'
> configuring client settings ...
> attached to key daemon ...
> peer configured
> iskamp proposal configured
> esp proposal configured
> client configured
> local id configured
> pre-shared key configured
> bringing up tunnel ...
> network device configured
> tunnel enabled
> session terminated by gateway
> tunnel disabled
> detached from key daemon ...
> I have another PCF file over here to a different VPN Concentrator at my
> organization that works.  I have inspected the 2 PCFs and the only real
> difference I can see is that in sample1.pcf, the group name has an
> underscore character.  sample2.pcf does not, and seems to connect fine. So,
> this could either 1) be a problem with the import process or 2) my two VPN
> concentrators are configured differently.
> Any thoughts on how to make this work?

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