[Vpn-help] 2.1.4 VPN Client on Vista 64 Failure

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Tue Aug 18 01:56:27 CDT 2009

Sinclair, Alan [Fugro] wrote:
> Hello,
> We had some success trying version 2.1.4 on XP when connecting to 
> various CheckPoint Firewall One firewalls.
> Version 2.1.5-rc-2 of the VPN client compiled on Fedora 11 also worked 
> Ok to these same CheckPoint FireWall One firewalls, albeit 2.1.4 didn't 
> want to compile on F11.
> Installing 2.14 on Vista 64 Business Edition failed.
> The client did not install when UAC was running, when UAC was disabled 
> and after a reboot the VPN client software installed.
> After installation the PC would not connect the network, neither using a 
> cable nor using wireless.
> Uninstall resulted in a BSOD and the PC would not boot cleanly after that.
> Recovery involved F8 then restore to a previous restore point, then 
> manual deselect of the ShrewSoft items on the network connector.
> Are there any known or similar issues  when running 2.1.4 on Vista 64, 
> or were we just very unlucky ?

Hi Alan,

Sorry for the trouble. Apparently there are still a few issues with the 
drivers or installer which effect people in edge cases. If we can fund 
it, I plan to have this code reviewed by an independent consultant that 
specializes in network kernel drivers. I plan to do a lot of driver work 
as well, but I always planned to have the consultant do the verification 
before we pass them to Microsoft for qualification. We hope to get this 
completed before the end of the year.

For everyone on the list ...

If people are interested in getting these problems fixed sooner, you are 
welcome to make a donation to Shrew Soft using the paypal donate button 
on the download page. Every cent that has been donated ( along with all 
adsense revenue ) is sitting in an account to help fund this work. In 
other words, 100% of this money goes directly to improving the software. 
We estimate the work will cost around $15,000. I am personally matching 
all donations, so as soon as the pot reaches $7,500 the work can begin.

Help spread the word if you can :)


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