[Vpn-help] Problem with VPN and RDP

Martin Zürcher tinuzu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 16:29:15 CDT 2009

Hi Matthew
> Martin Zürcher wrote:
>> Hello list
>> I have a VPN connection from Shrew Soft VPN Client (2.1.4-release /
>> 2.1.5-rc-2 on WinXP) to a D-Link DFL-200 Firewall (ipsec with preshared
>> keys). The connection works basically fine, so I can ping every host in
>> the remote Net, VNC connections works also without any problems to every
>> tested host (a few clients and two servers incl. terminal server) and
>> also connecting with net shares (samba) works correct.
>> The only thing that not works, is the RDP connecting for remote desktop
>> (Terminal Server). All tries to connect the terminal server results in
>> "connection timed out" / "No answer from server".
>> The strange thing: The RDP connections works fine when I connect the VPN
>> with the NCP Secure entry client instead of the shrew soft client. I
>> compared a lot of things from NCP to shrew and the only one difference
>> I've found was an additional entry in the routing table, generated by
>> NCP client (local adress, remote net
>> shrew soft:
>> NCP:
>> I'am not shure about the causality of that difference but as I said,
>> this is the only one difference I've found.
>> Any (other) ideas?
> A few questions. Can you ping the host you are trying to RDP to? Have
> you tried using the IP address rather than the name for RDP and does
> that make any difference?
Yes, I can ping the TS-host (like every other host) over the hostname
and over the IP-Adress to. There is no difference between the two ways,
same latency etc.
As I told, the TS-host is also reachable with VNC  but not via RDP and
with the NCP client RDP works fine to. That's what I mean with "strange";-)
I tried a few hours with many different configuratons , so I can provide
a lot of informations - what ever you need;-)


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