[vpn-help] 2.1.6 Beta 5 Available ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Mon Mar 1 23:34:58 CST 2010


I just posted 2.1.6 beta 5 on the download page. This includes support 
for Windows 7 Mobile Broadband adapters. It also includes some changes 
that prevent IPv6 packets from being inspected as IPv4 packets in some 
edge cases. This could have caused system instability for some people. 
If you are have a Windows Mobile Broadband adapter or were experiencing 
instability using 2.1.6 beta 4 on Vista or 7, please help test this new 

We are also incredibly close to having all our driver packages ready for 
submission to Microsoft for signatures. Our NDIS6 drivers on the Windows 
7 platform are the only remaining DTM tests to complete.

I will be re-focusing my attention on fixing the suspend-resume issue 
along with any instability issues reported for the 2.1.6 beta 5 build.



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