[vpn-help] IKE service drops something. Breaks connections...

Christian Wattengård christian.wattengard at sensus.no
Tue Mar 2 03:28:16 CST 2010

I use Windows 7/64 to connect to a VPN at our webhost. Everything works fine in XP/Vista 32 with the Cisco client.


When connected via VPN I have access to 5 different machines. However, if I work only on two of them for a while without connecting to the other three, it just shuts them out. No reply to ping or anything. To be able to connect to them I have to disconnect the VPN-client, stop the IKE service, start the IKE service, reconnect the VPN. Then I can get access.


This happens on a regular basis. Switching the logging on the IKE service to debug shows no extra data when it shuts them out.


Any hints on what could be going on? I really don't want to go back to 32-bit, but this thing disturbs my workflow-zen ;)



Christian W.


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