[vpn-help] trouble when opening two tunnels from a single location

Alec Torunczyk alec at arcinfo.com
Wed Mar 3 04:30:27 CST 2010

Problem :


In my agency, the VPN client connects to my headquarters gateway without
trouble. But when I try to connect another station (using a separate .vpn
file), the first one is disconnected showing “remote gateway not
responding”. I tried with two different credentials or not.

I have reproduced either in different agencies and at home.


VPN client version: 2.1.5

Windows OS version: XP 32 bits, Seven 64 bits

Gateway: Netasq F200

Gateway OS version: 8.0.3


Alec Torunczyk

Responsable des systèmes d'information 

ARC Informatique

2 avenue de la cristallerie - 92310  SEVRES  - FRANCE

Tel: +33 1 41 14 36 06

Email :  <mailto:alec at arcinfo.com> alec at arcinfo.com 


 <http://www.pcvuesolutions.com> www.pcvuesolutions.com


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