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Jack LaMattino Jack.LaMattino at sas.com
Tue Mar 9 08:44:52 CST 2010


I've been using the your latest VPN client but cannot establish a connection back to my system running the client since it doesn't register its hostname with DDNS or DNS locally.

I just looked through some packet dumps from when I was bringing up a VPN tunnel and it looks like the client isn't actually sending a hostname with its reply to the server's request for config information... which would definitely explain the problem with DDNS registration.

The concentrator *does* give you a hostname, though... but it's randomly generated based off of the shared group you connect with (i.e. mine right now is sasvpn727-26654.rmt.sas.com) so that doesn't really do you any good.

As a workaround, when I start the client I run a quick batch file to send the actual IP to my remote machine so I can then connect back to it via the IP but this is cumbersome.

@echo off
net use m: \\itsvista4137.na.sas.com\public ipconfig /all > m:\ipconfigoutput.txt dir

Have you looked into this problem yet and is there a possible workaround?

The client works great. Just need to get it to return its hostname.



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