[vpn-help] Juniper SSG5 VPN connect Issue

Luke LeBoeuf lukeleboeuf at cox.net
Wed Mar 10 17:29:49 CST 2010

    I have a Juniper SSG5 firewall that I am trying to set up to work with
the release shrew client (v2.1.5). I am using the SSG5 firmware version
6.1.0r2.0. I have set up the gateway side and the client side to the letter
of the shrew documentation, but I keep failing to initiate the tunnel and I
am not sure why. Below is the reject event that I get from the gateway. Does
anyone have any ideas? The shrew client trace tool simply says 'resend limit
exceeded for phase1 exchange' and it kills the attempts. Any help would be
greatly appreciated as we are trying to get this off the ground. In the
example below I was using an AT&T 3g card, but it also happened from a
desktop using cox ISP.

Rejected an IKE packet on ethernet0/0 from to
xx.xx.xx.xx:500 with cookies 5dba7aba5e660ebc and 0000000000000000 because
an initial Phase 1 packet arrived from an unrecognized peer gateway.

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