[vpn-help] Problem using Shrew Soft VPN Client 2.1.5 with WI-FI connection

PADOVANI Marco Consultant Marco.PADOVANI at consultant.vodafoneomnitel.it
Thu Mar 11 09:05:09 CST 2010



I installed the Shrew Soft VPN Client 2.1.5 on my notebook with Windows
7 32-bit OS.

It works correctly when I use a cable connection to the lan but it
doesn't work when I use a wi-fi connection to the same lan.

It goes in timeout when tries to create the tunnel:


config loaded for site 'VFITGateFarm.pcf'

configuring client settings ...

attached to key daemon ...

peer configured

iskamp proposal configured

esp proposal configured

client configured

local id configured

pre-shared key configured

bringing up tunnel ...

negotiation timeout occurred

tunnel disabled

detached from key daemon ...


Can you help me to solve the problem?





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