[vpn-help] 2.1.6 Beta 7 Available ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sun Mar 14 19:54:59 CDT 2010


I just ported 2.1.6 beta 7 on the download page. After spending a few 
weeks in the kernel debugger, I believe the suspend/resume problems are 
now resolved. The client may still report the connection as active when 
resuming but should no longer cause hangs or watchdog timeouts due to 
blocked IRPs. Additional work will required to make the client detect 
when a power state change is about to occur and terminate connections 
gracefully. This will take time for us to correct but shouldn't cause 
too many user headaches in the mean time.

Additionally, a pretty severe regression was found that caused packet 
fragments to be incorrectly handled in the kernel filter path. This is 
likely the cause of issues reported with the latest beta build. A few 
other noteworthy changes were made such as preventing an install from 
continuing when Program Compatibility Settings are detected. This could 
have severely negative consequences, so I hope this change will prevent 
problems of this nature from occurring in the future.


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