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Betreff: Re: [vpn-help] Starting the GUI
Datum: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 08:15:05 +0100
Von: Albrecht Mehl <mehl at freunde.tu-darmstadt.de>
An: Matthew Grooms <mgrooms at shrew.net>

Dear Mr. Grooms,

thank you for your response.

Am 15.03.2010 03:25, schrieb Matthew Grooms:
> On 3/13/2010 1:02 AM, Albrecht Mehl wrote:
>> With opensuse Linux 11.2 I installed the vpn client
>> which seems to have been successful. But ... either because your
>> documentation is too sparse or because I am looking at the wrong places
>> I cannot get the GUI running to insert the profil already provided by
>> the intended host:
>> 001109ea63a6:/home/am/internet/shrewvpn/ike/script # ./iked -F
>> With or without the -F switch there is an immediate return to the
>> console prompt.
>> I thereforwould be most grateful to get a hint on how
>>    - to get the GUI running and to import the profil
>>    - to get the connection to the host
>> Please bear with me for these questions perhaps a bit trivial.
>  From the sparse documentation ...
> ================================================================================
> ================================================================================
> The main process that handles IKE negotiations is iked and must be run 
> as root.
> By default, it will detach itself from the terminal and execute as a 
> daemon. To
> force foreground operation, use the -F switch. A sample configuration 
> file is
> included in this distribution and will be installed in the etc system
> configuration directory. The configuration should be suitable to allow for
> client operation but can also be modified to allow for site to site or 
> client
> gateway operation as well. See the iked.conf man page for more details.
> Once the iked process has been launched, the VPN Access Manager application
> ( ikea ) is used to build remote access client configurations and initiate
> client connections. When the Access Manager GUI is used to initiate a client
> connection, a VPN Connect application ( ikec ) process is created. This 
> process
> interacts with iked to initiate the connection. Please see the online
> documentation available at http://www.shrew.net for more details.
> ================================================================================
> ================================================================================
> A site configuration contains all the data required to connect to a site 
> using
> the VPN client tools. These configuration files can be exported or imported
> using the VPN Access Manager application. The file format used to 
> describe the
> site configuration is a text ducument that contains one attribute per 
> line with
> one or more attribute values. The attribute type is denoted by a single
> charachter field followed by the attribute name field and then by a 
> value. The
> fields are separated using a colon charachter. For example, the 
> following line
> describes a string attribute names network-host with a value of

Unfortunately this does not help as I had read this already before
trying to start the GUI of the client.  As you can read in the lines
above where I described my unsuccessful attempts to get the vpn client
running I used the demon with and without the -F switch which was
followed by the immediate return to the prompt. There was no GUI
visible, just the prompt.

Since I apparently know too few about the client I would be most
grateful to get a command by command instruction on how to get the GUI
running in order to import the profile provided by the intended host.

A. Mehl
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