[vpn-help] Connection dropping issue. Cisco ASA 5505, 2.1.6 beta client, XP 32bit, 7.0 64bit.

Luiten, Robin rluiten at dingo.com
Mon Mar 22 21:16:29 CDT 2010

The VPN client connects to our gateway then drops the link soon after 15-30 seconds.
If I run a ping to a server on the other side of the gateway the link does not drop.
I have captured two traces with data.

1.       Where it drops

2.       Where I have a ping running in background and it does not drop.
I prefer not to post the traces to a mailing list so send me an email to send them to if you want them.
When testing no other vpn clients were installed on the machines only Shrew soft.

I have hunted through the mailing list archives and notice a few that seem to have similar behaviour.
Though no one states that traffic keeps it alive.
Stopping the ping after it is stable [1-2 min] appears to cause it to drop eventuall, but how long it takes seems to vary a lot and can take over an hour easily.

Connecting with Cisco's vpn client from XP Pro 32bit or Windows 7.0 32bit does not drop out like the shrew soft client.
I can provide you a test account to connect to our router if it would help you to look at the behaviour.

Windows OS Version = Windows 7.0 64 bit. [note have tested on XP Pro 32bit as well same behaviour]
VPN Client Version  = 2.1.6-beta4 and 2.1.6-beta7 both exhibit behaviour.
Gateway Make/Model = Cisco ASA 5505
Gateway OS Version =   ASA Version 8.2(2)
ASDM Version 6.2(5)

The Cisco was updated a few weeks ago but did  not change the connection behaviour.
It dropped before the update and after the update same visible behaviour.


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