[vpn-help] can't get online after shrew installation

James Marino jmarino at lict.com
Wed Mar 3 14:32:54 CST 2010


This was not my thread, but I am having a similar problem. When I stop
the ShrewSoft DNS Proxy Daemon service, I get my internet access back,
so this seems to be the source of the issue. The user does not have
admin rights, so they can't turn services on and off which leads me to
ask if this is something that will be resolved in a new version or if
there is another work around.



Am 27.02.2010 09:10, Geir Magne Lied schrieb:
> I've installed the newest stable version of the shrew software. After
> installation I can't connect to internet. I'm connected to the network, but
> can't go online.
> The wireless network connection status shows that the connection is active,
> but can't surf in the internet.
> When I troubleshoot problems I get the message "the DNS server not
> responding"


try to disable the ShrewSoft DNS Proxy Daemon service.


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