[vpn-help] Fwd: invalid message from gateway

Libor Arndt libor.arndt at email.cz
Sat Mar 6 01:04:01 CST 2010

On Thu, 04 Mar 2010 17:19:13 +0100, Stefan Bauer wrote:

> Here we go. The certificate is key protected. Unfortunately i'm not
> familiar with the way cisco provides the certificates and howto
> export different parts. In the best case it's just an openssl
> generated cert and can be exported with openssl as well. Probably
> that is what the shrew client is trying to achieve.

Thanks for the reply. But am I doing something wrong or there is some lack  
of functionality in the Shrew client and nothing can be done about it?
I tried other non Cisco VPN client, NCP secure entry client which accepted  
the same certificate and worked without any problems.
So the certificate can be used in non CISCO clients.
The difference is that I imported the certificate to the NCP client only  
once, but I have to import the certificate three times to the Shrew client.
Server, client and private key certificate.

Am I supposed to alter the certificate in some way to be accepted by the  
Shrew client or I should just give up with the Shrew client?

thanks in advance for the reply

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