[vpn-help] Caught in Phase 1?

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at cubewerk.de
Sat Mar 13 09:31:25 CST 2010

Am 13.03.2010 16:26, David Park schrieb:
> Thanks, that fixed the dpd issue.  Now a new one: caught in a seeming
> endless string of:

It's not an issue, it's just a way to detect a dead peer on the
other end and shut down the connection if there is no further response.

> 10/03/13 10:24:39 DB : phase1 found
> 10/03/13 10:24:39 -> : send NAT-T:KEEP-ALIVE packet ->

That's correct. Could you please provide the complete log file? How
did you verify, that the connection itself is not working as expected?

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