[vpn-help] Cisco RSA Authentication - configuration help needed

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at cubewerk.de
Sat Mar 13 09:34:09 CST 2010

Am 12.03.2010 16:20, Tero Karttunen schrieb:
> What I have in hand are SU4TSF.pfx and SU4TSF.pcf files, the second
> being the Cisco profile and the first one containing all the necessary
> certificates. There are no certificate passwords so I am able to
> install both the enclosed VPN certificate and accompanied root CA
> sertificate into Windows certificate registry.

You selected to use the Shrew Client to do your vpn-connection so if
you import the certs into the windows cert registry, they are not
available to shrew vpn client.

> PFX is PKCS12 file, right? However, when I attempted to set all the
> files (Server Certificate Authority File, Client Certificate File,
> Client Private Key file) to SU4TSF.pdf, it did not work. The results
> are:

PFX is just a file extension but mostly the content provided by
cisco is a PKCS12-container yes.

If you have openssl installed on your machine (like with cygwin for
windows) you can start to have a look at your certs by some given

(see the examples section at the end)


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