[vpn-help] Multiple VPN connection at the same time

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Mar 24 11:40:52 CDT 2010

On 3/22/2010 10:22 AM, Uracs Tamás wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> probably it’s not me, who ask this question: J Can Shrewsoft VPN client
> connect simutaniously to multiple VPNs?
> I receive „adapter configuration failed” error message, when I try to
> connect the second VPN connection.

Hi Tamas,

I don't believe it can. In theory it is possible, but I would have to 
investigate further to determine if everything is working correctly. The 
tunnel configurations would also need to be configured perfectly so that 
they don't conflict which may require co-ordination. I don't have time 
to test any of this at the moment. The kernel driver work is still at 
the top of my list.


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