[vpn-help] Fortigate DHCP is not working

brian charles briancharles at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 5 12:13:01 CDT 2011

If I manually assign an IP address in the client and connect things are good. However, I have a lot of users and really need DHCP to work.
Testing environment is:
Client: Windows 7 b4 bit with Shrewsoft vpnclient ver. 2.1.7
and connecting to 
Fortigate 100, Fortigate-100 3.00-b0568(MR5 Patch 3)

If I use the DHCP over IPSEC option then:
The error is No DHCP Response From Gateway
I followed this link to get the configurations set up. http://www.shrew.net/support/wiki/HowtoFortigate
Thank you for your help!
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