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Fri Aug 12 04:08:17 CDT 2011

I had downloaded the Shrewsoft VPN client 2.1.7 release and installed on my Windows 7 laptop . I was using Netscreen Remote VPN but it doesnot work on Windows 7.

I have to connect my Company's static IP (Public IP ) and through the static IP I have to connect to their local server . On their Juniper SSG 140 firewall , the PUBLIC IP is MIPPED to the local IP .

I am able to connect through the VPN and getting the ping to the local server but I am not able to open my trading software. The telnet is not working here means that I should be able to telnet to 56000 but I am not able to do the same and for that reason my software is not opening and I am not able to log in due to this port not opening. 

Please help.......

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