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sandeep sandeep at spinsci.com
Sat Aug 20 12:05:41 CDT 2011

Hi ,


Iam using windows 7, previously it was working fine,but suddenly 2 days back
I was unable to connect the vpn.

Today I have installed 1.2.4 version and iam getting following below error.

config loaded for site 'Rogers Corporate VPN .pcf'

attached to key daemon ...

peer configured

iskamp proposal configured

esp proposal configured

client configured

local id configured

remote id configured

pre-shared key configured

bringing up tunnel ...

network unavailable

tunnel disabled

detached from key daemon



I have also installed 1.2.5 ,1.2.6,1.2.7 version with this versions iam able
to connect to vpn but iam not able to connect to Remote box.


Please suggest which version should I use , I need urgent fix. Please
suggest me.




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