[vpn-help] Connecting to multiple VPNs simultaneously

Christina cabbascia at xconnect.net
Wed Jan 5 14:21:23 CST 2011

> Hi - it appears that it is not possible to connect to multiple VPNs at the 
same time using the Shrew VPN client. There was a post on this mailing list 
about this in June 2009: http://lists.shrew.net/mailman/htdig/vpn-help/2009-
> Does anyone know if the developers have any plans to enable this sometime 
soon? We have an office network and a bunch of servers in a datacenter and 
need to VPN into both simultaneously.
> Thanks!
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I would also like to know whether this feature is supported.  I have Shrew 
2.1.5 Windows version installed (2.6 and 2.7 won't install on my laptop due to 
driver installation errors).  I have configured 2 sites (one data center and 
one corporate office) and am able to connect to each tunnel simultaneously.  
However the 2nd tunnel (i.e. the one I connect to after the first) "comes up" 
but never manages to establish an SA, therefore no traffic ever goes down the 

Ideas anyone?

Thanks :)

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