[vpn-help] New 2.2.0 Alpha 11 Build Available

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Mon Jan 10 00:57:43 CST 2011


I just uploaded a new 2.2.0 alpha 11 build for testing. This includes a 
lot of code de-duplication between Windows and Linux/BSD/OSX builds. It 
also includes pre-requisite work for the next big addition, support for 
secure domain login on Windows Vista/7 platforms. Here is a quick list 
of the important changes ...

1) Site configurations are now stored as files on all platforms. Any 
site configurations stored in the registry are automatically migrated to 
file based configs. The registry information is left in-place to allow 
users to roll back to older stable releases. When 2.2.0 final is 
released, the registry data will be removed during the upgrade process.

2) Certificate data is now embedded in the site configuration. The cert 
data will be pulled into any existing site configs automatically when 
they are migrated to file based configurations. Certificate data is also 
streamed to the ike daemon instead of being referenced as a path to a file.

3) Windows platforms now support public site configurations. A user with 
administrative privileges can designate a site as public by right 
clicking on the profile or using the edit menu and selecting the public 
option. The site can be be made private again by repeating the process. 
A public profile can be seen by anyone who logs into the computer and 
opens the VPN Access Manager. Public site configurations will be the 
only type available during a secure domain login.

4) The 256, 384 and 512 bit SHA2 algorithms have been added for use with 
ISAKMP and IPsec SAs. The DH Groups 15, 16 and 18 have also been added 
for use during phase1 and phase2 PFS negotiations.

There have been lots of other little changes. Mostly small bug fixes and 
user interface improvements. Hopefully no-one finds any major 
regressions. If so, please let me know.



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