[vpn-help] 2.2.0-alpha-11 - No NetBIOS name resolution

C.Hoffmann at ProSeS.de C.Hoffmann at ProSeS.de
Sun Jan 16 18:26:55 CST 2011


With 2.2.0-alpha-11, I'm no longer able to use NetBIOS names, though I have
a) lmhosts and hosts
b) remote WINS server
configured. It does not matter if I try to use (FQ) DNS names or NetBIOS names. IP addresses work.
It looks like the WINS server address is not bound to the virtual NIC, and NetBIOS not activated - using WireShark I cannot see any related traffic.

All is fine with alpa-10 (which I have reverted to now), and WINS shows in IPConfig /all.

Clemens Hoffmann

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