[vpn-help] VPN Tunnel disconnected by gateway after successful authentication

Brian Harmer Brian.Harmer at vuw.ac.nz
Fri Jan 28 17:45:44 CST 2011

Don wrote: 
> I am hoping the community can help me with this.

> I am using a Windows 7 64bit OS on my laptop and have used the NCP applcation (trial) in the successfully in the past. However, with Shrew's client, 
> I can authenticate, but right after the splashscreen that tells me to behave myself on he corporate network, I get a disconnect by gateway. I have no idea 
> what is happening that the gateway disconnects me after an appearent successful negotiation and authentication. Anyone seen this before and have any ideas?

>     bringing up tunnel ...
>    network device configured
>    tunnel enabled
>    session terminated by gateway
>    tunnel disabled
>    detached from key daemon ...

I have a similiar experience. I can add to that the fact that in the box which shrinks to the task bar on the "apparently" successful connection, there are two tabs, one labelled connect, and the other labelled network. 
If I watch the newtork tab while the system is thinking about finally connecting, I can see that the client tells me that security associations failed .... 9 times  ... is that 9 associations or 9 tries? 
As a VPN novice despearate to connect, I have no idea what this means. Any insights gratefully received.

Brian Harmer

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