[vpn-help] VPN Client 2.1.7 and Netscreen NS25

kevin vpn klmlk at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 11 12:19:53 CST 2011

Hi Geoffrey,

The first thing I'd check is to make sure that you have disabled the 
Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter (it's in the same place you find
 the wired and wireless adapter configs).  This can conflict with the 
Shrew client on Windows 7.  After disabling it, re-install the Shrew 
client just to ensure it will work.

Assuming the problem is not caused by the Virtual WiFi adapter, It appears from the log that the client is not getting a response from the gateway.  
Is it possible for you to check the log on the gateway to see if the 
gateway is even getting a request from your client?  Look for something 
like the following in the NetScreen events log where x.x.x.x is the 
PUBLIC IP of your laptop:

IKE x.x.x.x Phase 1: Responder starts AGGRESSIVE mode negotiations.

If it appears, then look at the next couple messages to see what part of
 the phase1 is failing.  If it does not appear, then perhaps something 
is preventing your client's traffic from reaching the gateway, maybe a 
firewall or something?

> From: gjacobsen at prsguitars.com
> To: vpn-help at lists.shrew.net
> Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 10:21:51 -0500
> Subject: [vpn-help] VPN Client 2.1.7 and Netscreen NS25
> I've setup client and gateway as suggested in documentation for Netscreen devices and can't get a positive result. Always times out with message 'resend limit exceeded for phase1 exchange' and closes down the processes.
> I've ensured IP addressing isn't overlapping; I've reinstalled and run client under admin account; I've switched from using virtual adapter and existing, I've tried wireless and wired, all to no avail.
> System:
> Lenovo Thinkpad T510
> Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
> Gateway:
> Netscreen NS25
> Firmware version 5.4.0r11.0 (Firewall+VPN)
> ...
> 11/01/11 10:04:07 -> : send IKE packet -> [MASKED IP]:500 ( 1193 bytes )
> 11/01/11 10:04:07 DB : phase1 resend event scheduled ( ref count = 2 )
> 11/01/11 10:04:12 -> : resend 1 phase1 packet(s) -> [MASKED IP]:500
> 11/01/11 10:04:17 -> : resend 1 phase1 packet(s) -> [MASKED IP]:500
> 11/01/11 10:04:22 -> : resend 1 phase1 packet(s) -> [MASKED IP]:500
> 11/01/11 10:04:27 ii : resend limit exceeded for phase1 exchange

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