[vpn-help] New 2.2.0 Alpha 11 Build Available

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Tue Jan 11 12:53:59 CST 2011

On 1/10/2011 8:57 PM, kevin vpn wrote:
> Hi Matthew,

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback :)

> I didn't realize that Shrew 2.2.0 had an update notification.  This is
> an excellent add!

Yes. It needs to be improved but will definitely be present in the 2.2.0 
final release.

> Regarding Secure Domain Login, what benefit does that provide?

Secure Domain Login is a feature I'm working on at the moment. It will 
allow users to connect to a site from the native the Windows Vista/7 
Login screen as part of the login process. The idea is that corporate 
users may have laptops that have been joined to a Windows Domain. In 
this case, a VPN connection should be established before the Windows 
Login occurs so that it can be processed by the Domain controller.

> I've upgraded two machines and started testing the client.
> Notes:
> On netbook (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Broadcom 802.11n) had to
> reboot between install/upgrades.  Shrew would not connect for phase1
> until I had rebooted, but the installer/upgrade did not suggest that I
> reboot.
> The connect dialog for mutual-psk sites now includes username and
> password fields, but it accepts empty entries.  mutual-psk-xauth sites
> still require a user/pass.
> Regression:
> One of my configurations broke.  I have a site configured with
> mutual-psk and a pre-configured virtual adapter IP address.  After
> upgrading to alpha11, phase2 was unable to complete. On the gateway
> side, it reported that that the proxy-ids were incorrect.  Shrew
> appears to be  providing the gateway with the IP of the physical
> adapter rather than the configured IP of the virtual adapter.
> Downgrading to alpha10 resolved the issue.  This occured both on the
> netbook described above and on a PC running Windows 7 Professional
> 64-bit with a Realtek card.  I'm hoping this is relatively easy for you
> to reproduce, but if you require logs or the site config, I can provide
> it.

Thanks again for the feedback! I'll make sure these regressions are 
fixed before releasing the next alpha build.


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