[vpn-help] Shrewsoft vpn client with LinksysRv042 - cannot ping, rdp etc

Srinivasan Subramanian srinivasan.subramanian at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 05:18:56 CST 2011

I finally figured it out.  The RV042 firewall was enabled and we had 
specified access rules to allow traffic from LAN to the outside.  Given that 
the IPSec was on a new subnet, I had to add rules to allow access and it all 

Thanks to all for the help


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On 1/21/2011 8:00 PM, Srinivasan Subramanian wrote:
> Hi Kevin
> I am not able to find any policy on the VPN stopping this traffic. In
> fact its just not this, I am not able to connect to any port / service
> on windows machines. It somehow looks like all the windows machines
> are dropping the ipsec packets arriving from a different subnet. The
> windows machines are on a domain in the office network. Does that
> matter?  Would there be any policies that stop the individual
> machiens?

Hi Srini,

I would try to run wireshark on one of the PC's your attempting to send
traffic to via the VPN connection. This will allow you to determine if
the traffic is reaching the target host in question. If the packets are
reaching the host, you should see reply packets. For example, if you are
sending an ICMP request ( ping ), you should see an ICMP reply as well.
If you don't see a reply packet, then its possible that your target host
doesn't know how to route the return packet back to the sender, or it
may have a firewall enabled that is blocking the traffic.

Hope this helps,


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