[vpn-help] Netgear FVS124G & Shrew

Paul Saxelby psaxelby at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 11 23:38:33 CDT 2012

Hi All,

I'm trying to connect a Win7 machine to my home network through an 
FVS124G. I've had a little experience with VPN - but not much, and I'm 
confused by the problem I'm facing at the moment.
The connection closes down almost straight away, and when I look in the 
debug log, in phase 1, there's a message saying Got vpn_local.com, 
Expected vpn_remote.com.

In the router I have local fqdn as vpn_local.com, and remote fqdn as 
vpn_remote.com. In the Shrew client I have local fqdn as vpn_remote.com 
and remote as vpn_local.com.
As far as I can tell from the examples I have seen this is the correct 
What's really confusing me is that if I swap the fqdns around in the 
client I get the opposite message, i.e 'Got vpn_remote.com, Expected 


Why does swapping them round result in the opposite message instead of 
letting me through to the next config error (there're bound to be more)?

Unfortunately I've not been able to find a 'walkthrough' on connecting 
Shrew to an FVS124g anywhere.

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks,

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