[vpn-help] BAD POOL HEADER BSOD on uninstall and occasionally during runtime

Thomas Strauß t.strauss at srs-management.de
Fri Dec 6 03:12:47 CST 2013


I have been running Version 2.2.0 for quite some time and occasionally my machine rebooted with a BSOD with no apparent reason. 

First I suspected the Gfx driver, but that was not the reason. 

Now I wanted to upgrade to the latest Shrew version and each time I try to update the vfilter.sys runs into a BSOD with BAD POOL HEADER.

I have in the meantime manually removed all traces to Shrew from the machine to be able to reinstall, but the BSOD comes back if I try to install the new version. 

The new version is not installed. 

For now I moved the VPN client into a VMware to protect my system, but of course I would like to use the VPN together with my development tools. 

I have found this message, that seems to describe the same issue, but the latest filter is still, only the build date did change.

My environment is Win8x64. 

Any idea or additional information you may require?



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