[vpn-help] Auto connect VPN-client

Kevin VPN kvpn at live.com
Sat Dec 7 23:06:32 CST 2013

On 12/06/2013 06:07 PM, Tilo Förster wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I successfully use the VPN-client with the GUI in Linux-Debian
> (Raspbian) environment.
> How it is possible to auto connect to existing connection on start up of
> computer? Are there any console commands for connection?
> I tried "ikec -a" but without success.

Hi Tilo,

I think you need to use multiple switches, -r and -a at least, but you 
may also need to use -u and -p.

There was also some posts on the list about needing to either specify 
the full path to the Site Configuration file (-r switch) or need to run 
the command from the same directory as the Site Configuration file.

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