[vpn-help] Tunnel established with zywall5 only if i active check ipsec tunnel

Vincenzo Lucarini lucarini at ophisoft.it
Wed Dec 18 07:01:03 CST 2013

     after several hours of trying, i was able to ping the tunnel from my 
network to remote pc, using your vpn client. I obtain this only flagging the 
zywall 5 option "check ipsec tunnel connectivity" inside network policy, 
otherwise i was only able to create tunnel but pinging from my pc to remote 
pc does not work.

In your zyxel guide this is not mentioned, so it is normal? Any manner to 
unflag the "check connectivity" option? I have problem to establish the 
tunnel if i use dynamic adress in the zyxel. In this case i cannot check 
connectivity and so i cannot ping.

Is it a problem of nat traversal?


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