[vpn-help] Problem with AD / Domain Login

shrew.20.konus at xoxy.net shrew.20.konus at xoxy.net
Fri Aug 22 03:16:43 CDT 2014

I  use the trial of the pro Version v2.2.2 to do a Secure AD/Domain Login

After entering the login credentials for the domain, a window opens up 
with "Key file Credentials Required". After entering the key for the 
certificate, I get the following error:

Windows-Sicherheit (german = Windows-Security)
Failed to configure key daemon using VPN Site Configuration 'name of my 

config loaded for site 'name of my config'
attached key daemon...
peer configured
iskamp proposal configured
esp proposal configured
client configured
remote id configured
server cert configured
client cert configured
client key file requires password
detached from key daemon

It is also notable that the window "Key file Credentials Required" does 
not close after entering the passphrase for the certificate, but does 
not react anymore.

My vpn-server is running on Endian Firewall Community release 2.4.1. The 
Windows Server is 2008R2. The client is Windows 7-64bit.
If I try to connect after windows login, it works perfect.

Thank you for your advice.
Greetings Konrad

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