[vpn-help] Problem with iked, a bridge and xen

Stéphane PERON s.peron at free.fr
Tue Dec 16 08:34:29 CST 2014

Hi all,

I have installed xen on my linux computer ... and started, on this 
computer, a xen virtual machine on windows ...

iked works very well ... creating a tap0 connection, when I want to use 
an IPSec connection
My windows VM can go on the web ... no problem !

So, what's wrong ?

When I want my VM Windows use the "tap0" IPSec connection  ... I does 
not work !
I can't join any computer on the other side of the IPSec connection ... 
althougth I do it on linux.

Please find my configuration :


moua at SPE-FIXE:~$ cat /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet manual

auto xenbr0
iface xenbr0 inet dhcp
     bridge_ports eth0
         bridge_fd 9
         bridge_hello 2
         bridge_maxage 12
         bridge_stp off


moua at SPE-FIXE:~$ route -n
Table de routage IP du noyau
Destination     Passerelle      Genmask         Indic Metric Ref Use Iface         UG    1 0        0 xenbr0 UGH   0 0        0 xenbr0     U     1000 0        0 xenbr0   U     0 0        0 xenbr0   U     0 0        0 tap0   UG    0 0        0 tap0


When I try to ping the ip from the windows machine, it 
does not work

First, I don't understand why the default route is on the first line ... 
Could it be the problem ?

Any idea that could fix the problem ?

Thanks a lot for your help


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